Globally Harmonized System Sg3126Bgl, Gator Grip Glow-In-The-Dark Anti-Slip Cleat

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GHS Safety, SG3126BGL, Gator Grip 6" x 24" Glow-in-the-Dark Stripe Anti-Slip Cleat Our Gator Grip® die cut shapes are made from the same material as our Gator Grip® products, but pre-cut to give a finished look on your floor or equipment

All cleats come with rounded corners to reduce tape lifting and flagging

Gator Grip reg cleats are NFSI certified as a ldquo High Traction rdquo surface and meet or exceed OSHA 1910.24 and 1910.26.

Gator Grip reg cleats work well in both indoor and outdoor applications

The acrylic adhesive system forms a strong bond to most any clean, dry surface

Water, chemical and oil resistant for indoor and outdoor usage