Thanos Rising - Avengers: Infinity War Game

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READY TO GET SUPER?Powerful visions have shown us all what will happen if Thanos get his gauntlet on all of the Infinity Stones

But, before nbsp you get to go, Thanos will roll two dice to determine where in the galaxy he goes and how close he gets to gathering one of the Infinity Stones

Each team begins with a signature hero which offers them a starting die pool and a variety of powers to help them in the game

Every round of play, a player will gather their die pool in an effort to either recruit heroes from various sectors of the galaxy or try to put the hurt on one of Thanos' villainous minions

Of course, if you don't win the first time, maybe Doctor Strange can reverse time and you can try again

Pick your team from the Avengers, the Sanctum, Wakanda, and the Guardians at Knowhere

This time, you know what is really at stake, so we just might have a chance in Thanos Rising - Avengers Infinity War. nbsp FUN DETAILSThis is an officially licensed Marvel card and dice game that joins 2-4 players to cooperatively fight against Thanos

We know that you can't handle seeing Spider-Man begging Tony Stark not to make him go, so it is up to you to help change the tale!Get all the teams together and work to stop Thanos from collecting all the might he needs to bring ruin to half the life in the universe

With each Stone acquired, Thanos becomes more powerful and risks knocking your heroes out of the game

You lose if Thanos finishes the Infinity Gauntlet or knocks out too many of your heroes

You win if you manage to stop enough villains that Thanos cannot complete the Gauntlet. nbsp TIME IS OF THE ESSENCEThis tactical game requires you to move fast against Thanos' aggressive moves and the fate of the galaxy rest in your die rolls